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. >> there's a chase that mr. snowden now has. what's he going to say? >> nsa leaker edward snowden leaves the moscow airport. >> snowed beden was issued temporary asylum in russia for a year. >> has been holed up at the airport for more than a month. >> if snowden is allowed to stay in russia, the white house is not going to be happy about this. >> ariel castro the cleveland man who held three women captive for a decade will be formerly sentenced today. >> castro prepared to apologize -- >> league officials have told the players union which players -- >> espn reporting alex rodriguez is negotiating a lengthy suspension to avoid a lifetime ban. >> members of congress head to the white house today to voice their concerns about the government's massive surveillance program. >> new information leak, about the nsa's ability to monitor pretty much everything you do online. >> george zimmerman's been spending a little time in texas. >> pulled over outside of texas while carrying a gun. >> what a coincidence. >> overnight, it became legal in two more states for gay co
. protesters declare a day of rage. >>> a new report says the nsa broke privacy rules thousands of times a year. >>> and meet the woman who could become the nfl's first full-time female official. >>> first, this week's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> you can really feel the tension, the stage is set for more clashes, for more violence. >> egypt braces for a day of rage. thousands of muslim brotherhood supporters pour into the streets. >> authorities have told riot police they can use deadly force to protect themselves and key state institutions. >> our tra diditional cooperati cannot continue when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> "the washington post" found the national security agency breaks privacy rules and oversteps legal boundaries thousands of times a year. >> still a mystery, what cautioned the u.p.s. cargo plane to crash in birmingham? >> federal investigators say there's no evidence the plane was on fire or suffered engine problems. >> a strong earthquake in new zealand this morning. no injuries are being reported. >> a great-grandmother claims bob filner forced
it's used by even nsa. but oracle is an legal battle with google accusing the search giant of using its language without its permission. i sat down with >> you know larry and sergey you have trouble with? >> larry specifically. >> larry -- i think -- >> larry per se. >> larry per se >> why? >> because he makes the decisions over there. he runs that company. no one else runs that company. and they decided -- let me be very clear. when you write a program, you write it. you use the oracle oracle/java tools for everything. up press a button and say convert this to android format. we don't compete with google. we just took our stock. that's a completely separate issue. >> but think they're evil. >> i think what they did was absolutely --. >> and you blame larry page. >> so larry page is evil -- that makes larry page evil? >> no i know his slogan is don't be evil. i think he slipped up this one time. >> he's a good time except for this one time when he -- >> this really bothers me. i don't see how he thinks you can just copy someone else's stuff. >> let's talk about stev
. >>> the fallout from the nsa scandal is growing this morning. the washington reported the agency broke privacy rules thousands of times since 2008. >> "the post" cited an internal audit and other top-secret documents reportedly obtained from former contractor edward snowden. on cbs "face the nation" sunday california congresswoman jackie spear said it revealed what she calls extraordinary misdeeds. >> there is failed oversight now. the fact there's all this active going on that we don't know about. they spoon feed to the intelligence committees of both houses what they want to tell them. for any of us to say that we know what's going on in the nsa i would find very suspect. >> our senior correspondent john miller served in the office of the director of national intelligence. he spoke with the nsa last night. welcome back, john, good morning. >> good to be back. >> good morning. >> is this failed oversight? what kind of oversight is it? >> this is very frustrating for the people of the nsa. because their view on this is that this is successful oversight. they said, you
with president putin over russia's decision to grant asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. plus, a new suspected american drone strike on al qaeda. >>> the surprising heart procedure for former president george w. bush. >>> the chef leading michelle obama's fight against childhood obesity. finally good news. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >>> this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> president obama warns the nation of a global terror threat. >> another possible drone strike in yemen overnight. >> strikes are an effort to disrupt an al qaeda terror plot. >> the g-20 summit is in st. petersburg. >> i will be going there. >> however, president obama canceling a meeting with vladimir putin. >> saying he was disappointed russia granted asylum to the nsa leaker. >> former president bush home from the hospital after a heart procedure. doctors inserted a stent to clear a blockage. >> senators graham and mccain during their visit to cairo urged both sides to start talking and stop fighting. >> days away
details on how much the nsa is watching you online. >> the senseless shooting of an athlete in oklahoma sparks outrage in two countries. charlie talks tennis with defending u.s. open champ andy murray. can the brit make it two in a row? >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> the report coming from the syrian rebels. scores upon scores of people have been killed. >> new claims of chemical weapons in syria. >> opposition leaders are saying that between 600 and 1,000 people were killed. the assad regime told television there is no truth whatsoever in the claim. >> this most certainly is a dreadful tragedy of epic proportions. >> a gunman opened fire at an elementary school just outside atlanta. >> hundreds of panics children then ran for safety. >> it's a good day, all of our children are safe. >> michael brandon hill exchanged fire with law enforcement before giving himself up. >> at the end of the day, all you want is your child to come home safe. >> nearly 50 major fires are burning in 11 western states. meant
the nsa program. >> "the new york times" wants jpmorgan chase to admit wrong-doing in a trading loss. it could come as part of a settlement this fall. lawsuits including one known as the london whale totals more than $6 million. >>> more are surviving crash landings. most of those from flight 214 made it out alive after a crash last month and everyone survived two weeks ago. more than four decades of aircraft >>> our local weather is starting off on the muggy side. the dew points around 70 degrees. looking for a lot of moisture right now. showers and a heavy thunderstorm through this afternoon. much like yesterday could replay. we could see that pretty much happening through the heat of the day. 69 degrees partly cloudy and a couple thunderstorms around. over night lows will feature that >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by walmart. come to walmart and get more school for your money guaranteed. >>> he served more than five years for crimes he didn't commit. now brian banks finally gets his chance on the gridiron. >> i said i would make a -- you know
and kremlin remain at odds on a variety of issues. the case of nsa leaker snowden may have been the breaking point. margaret brennan is at the state department. >> reporter: good morning. a deecision to cancel was unanimous. it signals u.s./russian relations are no longer in that period of reset. the state department said it simply was not worth president obama's time to meet face-to-face with vladimir putin. >> major issues were not teed up to make significant progress on the level of president to president summit. >> reporter: the white house signaled everything from a lack of progress on missile defense, arms control and security issues. the two countries back opposing sides in syria's civil war. another factor was edward snowden. and russia's disappointing decision to grant him temporary asylum. the kremlin also voiced its disappointment. this diplomatic snub will not break relations. it does show though that the white house will take a harder line. now, tomorrow there will be a test of that relationship. secretary of state kerry and secretary of de
gathered around his colorful artwork. for "cbs this morning." >>> the nsa program is more broad than previously known. the agency is searching the contexts of the text messages. they're looking for people who even mention foreigners under survey lance. >>> "usa today" says consumer borrowing went up $13.8 billion since may. credit card borrowing dropped by nearly $3 billion. >>> a suspect may be headed for canada. a search is on for 40-year-old james lee dimaggio. he's responsible for quilling a 42-year-old woman and could have possiblied kidnapped her son and daughter. >>> and we have an update on a story we brought you a few weeks ago. the fbi has reopened the investigation of a kidnapping of a newborn from a chicago hospital in 1964. paul joseph francec was abducted. the fbi confirms it is taking another look. >> the "los angeles times" says the sun's magnetic field is about to flip. we may get to see some auroras. the sun philips its magnetic fields once in the next three years. >> at least three people became very very wealthy your night. one sold in minneso
david. >>> nsa leaker edward snowden is spending his first full day outside the moscow airport now that he has temporary asylum in russia. he left a transit zone yesterday after living there for more than a month. in a moment we'll look at how washington is fuming but we start with charlie d'agata in london. >> it was about six weeks ago, they're all asking the question where's edward snowden? he's gone to ground again. his whereabouts in russia being kept secret. we're told he's in a secure location with american friends. and when he's comfortable, he may consider making an appearance to the media. this is a new picture of edward snowden's surprise getaway from the moscow airport that's been home for five weeks. he's getting his first taste of freedom today or what free dopamines to a wanted high-profile man in russia. his lawyer says snoden wants to start a new life there. he said job offers are already rolling in. the year-long asylum he's been granted forbids travel outside russia. president putin said he's only be welcome in russia if the former national
bombs at play in this plot. >> most of the information comes from the nsa. >> well some of it does. some of it i think is going to come from human sources. certainly the indications initially came from intercepts. >> the obama administration has told us repeatedly they have decapitated the head of the snake of al qaeda. and now we have the most significant threat perhaps since 9/11. >> the problem, norah, is the obama administration has largely talked about that decimation of al qaeda in terms of the core. the group in pakistan and afghanistan led by bin laden and zawahiri. the problem is you've had the rise of the al qaeda affiliates. groups in yemen. east africa. those groups have taken up the strategic and operational mantle for al qaeda. the group is yemen has been the most dangerous because they want to hit the united states. >> juan, good to see you. >>> major league baseball expected to announce today it is suspends yankees superstar alex rodriguez. tonight, a-rod is scheduled to suit up for the first time this season. don dahler is at u.s. cellular field
. reaching out to leaders about privacy concerns over the controversy surrounding the nsa program. >> "the new york times" says the government wants jpmorgan chase to admit wrongdoing in a trading loss. could come as part of a settlement this fall. losses by traders including the one known as the london whale now total normore than $6 billion. >> "usa today" says more crew members are surviving crash landings. most of those aboard the flight made it out alive last month and everyone alive when the landing gear of a flight collapsed in new york two weeks ago. more than four decades of aircraft >>> we are have got fog and low overcast around the bay area. you don't see a hint of sun out there at ocean beach as we get everything under way. expect some drizzle and temperatures near 60 degrees in the next few hours. then we'll get sunshine spreading to the coast. that low edges north, temps edge slightly up, but this will not be dramatic. forecast hires in the city today, 63. 78 at livermore. and 79 at fairfield. we'll warm in the mid-80s by next week. wal
obtained by nsa leaker snowden. they reveal a massive $52 billion so-called black budget for the current fiscal year. >> they show how the u.s. used every tool of surveillance to find osama bin laden. in the months before the raid satellites gathered more than 387 images of the compound and an advanced stealth drone flew over pakistan to eavesdrop on communications and a special nsa team gathered intel from mobile phones used by al qaeda operatives. senior correspondent john miller is a former deputy director of national intelligence. good morning. >> good morning. >> did anything in these documents surprise you? >> well, i mean i've seen these budget documents before when i was working in that field, so nothing jumped off the page. although it surprised me they were out. >> what was most damaging? >> i think you take in totality. first, you have to ask, what is this document. it's a budget document. you imagine some very boring excel spreadsheet with a lot of numbers on it. but it's more than that. this is the american intelligent community playbook. what every progra
in prison. in edward snowden affa affair, a reporter that broke the nsa snooping story says his partner detained in london. glenn agr greenville -- he was questioned nine hours and never skl him. miranda released without charges. still no word on what caused a jetblue plane flight 827 from boston to bwi around 6:00 p.m. touched down. none of the crew members hurt. crew smelled smoke and diverted the flight to philadelphia as a precaution. fox 5 spoke to them. take a listen. >> i could smell smoke. i could not see it. i heard someone else say they thought it smelled like a rubbery smoke. they opened up the doors and slides inflated. i saw passengers exit from the wing of the plane. >> passengers were eventually put on other planes headed to our area. >> scary times in the air lately. attorneys for governor bob mcdonald. lawyers are try to convince justice department not to file charges in the gift scandal c e case. as we said earlier, time to hit the books for kids in prince george, fredrick, faulkner county and morgan county in west virginia. prince george's county dr. kevin maxwell ha
to declassified documents. one of the nsa's surveillance programs gathered tens of thousands of domestic e-mails each year from americans not connected to terrorism. the chief judge at the time found the nsa had violated the constitution. >>> in texas, the paper says closing arguments are expected today in the trial of major hasan. he's charged with killing 13 people in the ft. hood shooting. hasan represented himself and made no attempt to prove his innocence. >>> according to britain's guardian, told him to resign during a mystical experience. the 86-year-old benedict stepped down in february. the first pope to do so in 600 years. >>> z net says yahoo! was number one in internet traffic last month. yahoo! got a boost after buying the popular blogging site tumblr >>> starting out with some low clouds around the bay area this morning. the thunderstorms are out of town. that means we're going to watch things calm down become more seasonal outside. clouds trying to break up out over the bay. we are going to see more sunshine there today. and looking good. low pressure finally scooting out of
with ways to salvage the program by window dressing. >> i applaud the president for continuing the nsa program. what i'm critical of him though basically he's been silent for the last two months. >> reporter: the cancellation of a planned summit with russian president putin highlighted new troubles with the president's attempt to quote, reset relationings with russia. >> he's an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states, continues to oppress his people continues to oppress the media, and continue to act in an autocratic and unhelpful fashion. >> reporter: on domestic issues the president faces budget fights with republicans in november, obama care in october and immigration reform faces an uncertain future. the common thread is the skepticism or downright opposition. the president's not likely to find much more new momentum here. he's unlikely to bump into any republicans here on martha's vineyard. they're mostly over on nantucket. >> and egyptian police could storm groups of protest
. a profit contractor checked out the nsa leaker two years ago. a government review found the only people interviewed about snowden were his mother and girlfriend. the contractor also failed to verify snowden's work for the cia and didn't look into a trip to india that snowden failed to report. >>> a virus is believed to be killing dolphins along the east coast. bodies have washed ashore since july. officials say there's nothing they can do about that virus. >>> the seattle "times" says the u.s. special envoy will go to north korea on friday to seek the release of american kenneth bay. the christian missionary from california was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp. his family says bay has become gravely ill. the u.s. is asking for a pardon and amnesty on humanitarian grounds. >>> connecticut's newtown bee said had their first day of school yesterday. they're attending school in a neighboring town after last year's shooting. nobody will ever forget that. had to be a bittersweet day for those kids. >>> good morning. headed out the door today, we do have some patchy fog and even some driz
the program by window dressing. >> i applaud the president for continuing the nsa program. what i'm very critical of him for, though, is basically he's been silent for the last two months. >> the cancellation of planned summit with russian president putin was an attempt to quote, reset relations with russia. >> he's an old kgb colonel that has no illusions about our relationship, does not care about a relationship with the united states, continues to oppress his people continues to oppress the media, and continues to act in an autocratic and unhelpful fashion. >> on domestic issues he faces budget fights in september, a fight against obama care in october and immigration reform faces an uncertain future. now, the president is unlikely to find much new momentum here but one potential point of relaxation, he's unlikely to bump into any republicans here on martha's vineyard. they're mostly on nantucket. norah and charlie, back to you. >> a terror alert is in effect still in the united states this morning but nearly all of the embassies and consulates are back ove
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)